alex offers daily connections to many interesting cities such as Hof, Schwandorf, Regensburg, Prague, Landshut and Munich.

alex offers you:

  • beautiful scenery along the route
  • interesting towns and cities for you to discover and explore
  • excellent service on the train
  • regular seat reservations on commuter trains
  • friendly alex train attendants to provide you with travel advice and on-board ticket sales
  • friendly advice at the alex customer centre as well as on 089 5488897-25 or by e-mail to:

Our vehicle fleet

alex - travelling Bavaria from north to south by locomotive

Die E-Lok des alex - unterwegs zwischen Regensburg und München

Electric locomotives

Länderbahn GmbH DLB operates trains between Munich and Regensburg with 5 locomotives from the EuroSprinter family (183 001-005).

Technical data on the electric locomotives

850 8 Alex Nikon D70295

Diesel locomotives

On the non-electrified sections Regensburg-Schwandorf-Hof and Regensburg-Schwandorf-Furth im Wald, 12 EuroRunners (223 061-072) are in service.

Technical data on the diesel locomotives

alex Passenger coaches

alex Passenger coaches

The rolling stock consists of 53 modernised ABvmz, Avmz, Bm, Bomz compartment coaches and two modernised n coaches (former “Silberlinge”) converted for the transport of bicycles. Most of the coaches were approved for 200 km/h, but some only for 140 km/h (n coaches) and 160 km/h (Bm, double-decker coaches).

TI coaches

Since the timetable change in December 2017, the so-called TI coaches have also been in use. In addition to the new alex treff area, there are 1st class compartments and other service areas, including a children’s play area.

The conversion of the TI coaches was carried out at the NETINERA factory in Neustrelitz. Like the other alex cars, they are then equipped with Wi-Fi and TFT monitors.

Dosto alex

Since the start of the alex service (7 December 2009), 7 double-decker low-floor coaches (Dostos) manufactured by Bombardier Transportation have also been used.